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Toolkit Overview

The Have Fun in the Sun Safely Toolkit is developed for individuals, partners and organizations that are interested in incorporating targeted, evidence-based messaging into their communication strategies. Providing measures to protect from the sun year-round will help to prevent the dangerous long-term effects of UVR exposure, such as skin cancer, as well as the short-term effects, such as a sunburn.

The toolkit provides guidelines for the use of messaging on various social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Toolkit Downloads

Have Fun in the Sun Safely Social Messaging (Google Sheets)
Have Fun in the Sun Safely Graphics (3.2mb zip file)
Have Fun in the Sun Safely Poster

social Messaging

If you run a social media account and want to provide sun safety messaging to your audiences, the Social Messaging sheet is a great resource to provide messaging on various themes such as:

  • general recommendations
  • how to protect yourself
  • myths/facts
  • sunscreen FAQ's

To make your messaging more locally relevant, some posts will have bolded placeholders so that you can customize the post for your own event or activity. The sheet also contains some ideas for activities and events.

The messaging contained in the sheet has been optimized for character-limit for usage across most major social channels. For additional tips and tools, there is a list of helpful links at the bottom of the page.


The poster is designed to be printed as permanent signage for use at outdoor public locations such as swimming pools, walking paths, golf courses etc. 

How to utilize the messaging and graphics*

  1. Download the messaging assets and graphics

  2. Determine which posts you will be posting/scheduling

  3. Start a new post in your social network

  4. Copy the message into the new post

  5. Add the URL to the end of the message

  6. Attach the corresponding graphic (if applicable)

  7. Post/schedule!

*please note that different platforms will have different processes for entering in posts. For example, copying the post in Facebook will automatically pull up the page info. You can then copy the message into the messaging box.

Audience-specific tips


  • Target parents later in the evening, after their children have gone to bed
  • Parents, particularly mothers, are more active on Facebook than other social channels


  • Post frequently as teenagers spend 6.3 hours/day on their smartphone
  • The most popular social channels for youths and adolescents are: YouTube, lnstagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter

Posting frequency

The following table is a high-level guideline on the recommended posting frequencies broken down by social networking platform. You might already experience great engagement on a few of these – continue to leverage these channels and post great content, often!

How Often Should You Post on Social Media? 

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest Instagram
Recommended frequency per day 6 2 1 1 1
source: DowSocial, 2018

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