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Our Story

The Cancer Prevention and Screening Innovation team partnered with Population, Public and Indigenous Health, My Health Alberta, multiple strategic clinical networks and other vital AHS partners to create a website that provides Albertans with consistent, reliable, evidence-informed prevention information.

Healthier Together is designed to target primary prevention and complement the secondary prevention resource, No matter where Albertans are – at work, in their communities, at home or in a healthcare setting – our team wants them to have easy access to information, tools and proven strategies that make it easier to take action. Our goal is to give everyone a fair chance for health and encourage entire communities making changes toward healthier ways of living and working. Together, we can.

Our Objectives

  • To create a single interactive prevention website consisting of tools, information and resources to drive healthy behaviour change in Albertans where they get healthcare, live, work and play.
  • Reinforce the broader vision of AHS: Healthy Albertans. Healthy Communities. Together.

Our Partners

This website was created in collaboration with the following partners:

Population, Public and Indigenous Health (AHS)

  • Cancer Prevention and Screening Innovation
  • Healthy Living in Provincial Population Public Health
  • Public Health Surveillance & Infrastructure

Strategic Clinical Networks (AHS)

Other AHS Partners

External Partners

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