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What Makes a Healthy Community

Healthy communities are much more than physical spaces and while no two communities are alike, they do have things in common. They make healthier choices easier by giving people in Alberta a host of healthy options that everyone can access and afford.

For example, when communities have safe parks and walking paths, being physically active is easier. When people live near quality, affordable food outlets, it’s easier to eat nutritious food. When communities gather to connect and address local issues, community members are empowered.

Improving Health for Everyone

For Alberta to reach its full potential now and for generations to come, communities need to be places that support health. Healthy communities provide all people in Alberta with opportunities to make healthy choices.

A healthy community can be thought of as a level table where everyone has fair access to the essential resources that shape health—supportive relationships, safe housing, decent work, shade trees in parks, local alcohol reduction policies and so on. This is one of the best ways to close the gap in health outcomes between groups.

Building a Healthy Community

Any person or group interested in making their community a better, healthier place can help. Great ideas start with one enthusiastic individual and then the momentum spreads! By building action plans based on community assets, connecting with other communities, and building on best practices, communities can implement realistic and sustainable changes.

The Alberta Healthy Communities Hub has everything you need to get started or share your experiences. It’s a virtual gathering place that supports communities in taking action. It accelerates the spread of the Healthy Communities Approach and connects people, organizations and communities. The Hub also shares evidence-based resources and strategies that have helped many communities take collaborative community action. Get inspired by stories from communities across Alberta and post your own.