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What Makes a Healthy Workplace

People are healthier when they have safe, stable jobs with some control over their work. For the 2.5 million workers in Alberta, it’s important that their jobs offer a decent living wage and a culture of support and flexibility.

With so much time spent at work, there are specific opportunities to improve health—on-site kitchens and eating areas, time for physical activity, shift-work programs, and so on. And this pays off. For every $1 organizations invest in promoting employee health there is a $3 return.

Healthy workplaces are contributing more and more in a socially responsible way to the health of citizens in their surrounding communities. Dedication to these efforts goes a long way for the community, for the organization’s reputation, and for the workers sense of self-worth and loyalty to the company.

Building a Healthy Workplace

If your business or organization is interested in creating a culture that promotes health in a sustainable way, the Healthier Together Workplaces program is a great place to start. You’re given practical steps, easy-to-use tools, and resources to help create a healthy workplace. You can work at your own pace, focusing on priorities in your workplace. You’ll also be recognized as a health promoting workplace. It’s a great way to positon your organization as a workplace of choice to attract top talent.

Healthier Together Workplaces