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Explore below to see how communities, workplaces, schools and health care settings are creating healthier choices for all people in Alberta and health outcomes that are more fair.


Healthy communities have an astonishing ability to build on their strengths and focus on their priorities.

They ensure everyone has fair access to healthy options they can afford. They also make it easier for people to work together and support each other.

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About 70% of adult people in Alberta spend the majority of their day at work. So the workplace is another important setting for creating a culture of health.

Healthy workplaces are a win-win. Organizations that invest in healthier work environments reap the benefit in terms of more committed workers and a stronger bottom line.

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You probably think of health care as something you only need when you’re sick or injured. But your health care system is another important place for helping you get—and stay—as healthy as possible.

It’s also a place that can promote the health of workers and the many visitors who pass through the doors.

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Schools are a foundation for good health. Every day, they make a difference in the lives of kids and teens. Schools provide safe and caring spaces for students to learn and grow.

Health and learning are closely connected. Students who go to school feeling well are ready to learn and more likely to be successful.

We all have a role to play in healthy schools!

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